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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 7, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman and it's time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." a dude's out walking while a snowplow's out in plowing. >> and look at what it does. >> the video for anybody who's sick of winter. an 11-year-old is doing a burnout as -- >> dad right there is helping his son. >> what happens when the 7-year-old gets his turn. it's an emotional ad about a father -- >> going to classes learning to read. >> see why this tear-jerking is
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jerking your chain. >> i thought it was about literacy! plus, the buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini. and a girl follows a trail of music to find her true love. >> so, where's he? here he comes. ♪ >> the story behind the proposal that -- >> figuring, figuring, figuring. so, the employees at j.m. leasing in new york showed up to their place of business right here. those glass doors were broken and shattered, so immediately they started checking their surveillance video and in the video you do see that there's someone right outside the door and you're thinking did that person shatter their doors? but it is not what you are thinking at all. let me rewind to the very beginning of the video that we found on juking. you see one big plow coming and cleaning up the street, right? plow and look at what it does. >> oh! >> no. >> uh-huh.
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>> oh, it totally wiped that poor guy out. >> and that's that dirty gross, disgusting snow that's dirty and been sitting there forever. >> it's pretty bad. >> it's just an unfortunate accident. i mean, obviously the plow driver didn't know that was going to happen. maybe he got to the part of the road where it was extra wet and slushy. that poor guy. what a bad place to be. >> miserably cold outside and now you are soaked. >> there is another angle of this incident from outside. there's the guy walking right across the way. this is, by the way, around 5:15 in morning. >> wow. >> so it's probably especially cold. here comes the first plow right behind the second plow and the guy goes down. >> man. >> yeah, did you see that? the stream of slushy, nasty snow hit him right in the head. >> and he didn't see it coming because you know when it's cold like that you just kind of keep your head down? maybe if he would have looked up he might have had a chance but -- >> there was nowhere to go because there were buildings. he cooperate hide anywhere really. >> you know it got in his mouth.
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and then that dirty, gross sludge in your mouth. all right, here's a video that's surely going to get people talking. it's already got people on the web talking i'm curious to know what you guys think. this is an 11-year-old boy in australia doing a burnout. >> why? >> well, because dad right there is helping his son learn how to do a burnout. he says, do you know what, the whole family's a bunch of car enthusiasts, we've got high-powered cars and i want to teach my boy the right way, the respectful way to handle a car. >> you better at driving on the road, better skills, better knowledge. don't know how to handle the car better but teaching him at a young age. >> he said do it on private property. do it out on the racetrack and i want my kids to know the right way to do these things instead of experimenting on the road. if you think that's interesting,
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how about his 7-year-old doing the same thing? >> what if the brakes give and suddenly you have your 7-year-old behind the wheel of a car by himself flying through your back fence into your neighbor's living room? >> oh, boy. they are not supposed to be behind the wheel, number one. it looks like they're in their driveway in a fenced-off yard or whatever and they're not going anywhere, you know, you could argue that. but if you're going to -- if you want to teach him what not to do with a car, why teach him to do this anyway? >> burnouts and that kind of stuff those kind of exhibitions are a big part of certain australian car cultures and they go to competitions to do burnouts and they go to car shows, so i believe sam was just trying to show his son the right way to do things. this video, like so many others out there, starts with a guy crossing the street. and then it goes pretty south from there. looks like he kind of cuts in front of that box truck, right? but the guy driving the truck not so happy about it. the driver then opens up his
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door and starts having words with this guy and then watch this. driver starts punching the guy from the cab of the truck. now a full-on fight's happening. but watch the truck. >> he didn't put it in park! >> and now they go down as they continue this fight. now, this is the pedestrian who's getting the upper hand of the truck driver. but now the truck is just moseying on down the road by itself. the fight kind of breaks up, they have words, a few more kicks and eventually the driver is, like, i should probably chase down my truck now. gives him one last word before he starts heading down toward the truck. you see all the other people stopped at this point. it catches the thing. it looks like it hits into this snowbank. from something kind of comical to something far more serious, this is in oslo, norway, a group of people trying to lift up a car. probably guess why. somebody stuck under this thing. a man in his 40s. apparently stuck basically the car on his legs. >> ahh! >> about ten people and security
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guards are trying really hard to lift this thing up. apparently it looks like the driver just came and hit the guy. maybe lost control of the car. these guys are struggling for a while trying to get this car off of this man. all the while you can really hear him screaming. right here -- it almost sounds like they are counting to lift this thing up, and eventually they were able to get this thing off the guy in a matter of minutes. >> hey! >> but those minutes probably felt like hours for the guy stuck under the car. police did show up a few minutes later. the guy was taken to the oslo university hospital. not serious injuries so he's going to make it. >> how remarkable that all these people came to help this guy out and that they all were able to lift an automobile. >> hey! we're giving away an ipad mini here on "rtm." >> that's coming up in just a little bit. we'll be giving you friday's buzzword and telling you how to enter and win. >> remember, you have to be 18 years old or older and a u.s. resident to enter.
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>> the "rtm" ipad giveaway coming up in a little bit. this video is from south africa and it details a man going through literacy classes learning to read and it has affected a lot of people because of the message. >> "a," "b," "c," "d," "e," "f," "g." >> dog. >> car. >> yeah. ♪ >> my son and i mowed the grass. >> go, go, go. >> this is such a beautifully
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done commercial. because there's so much power in the written word. and there's so much power with the idea that it's never too late in your life to learn whatever skill it is that you want to learn. >> it gets better than that. keep watching. >> desk. i read your book. >> you read my book? >> uh-huh. >> oh, man. >> give that man a medal. >> this is a whiskey ad. >> it's a whiskey ad? >> it's a whiskey a bell. that's the catchphrase for bell's whiskey. >> i thought it was about literacy! >> it is. >> do you know what, reel me right in, you sell bells here, because i'll buy some. >> i feel like taking a shot of it now and saying well done. a fast car pulls a slick one on a cop. >> what? >> pretty much is going, like, to the cop and then takes off.
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>> we'll reveal the crazy twist in this high-speed chase. and dude gets down. >> doing what's now being called the shovel shuffle. >> his reaction when he realizes someone's watching.
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for the past few days we've been talking about the net nominate trend and it started in australia as a pretty awful online trend chucking beer and nominating stunts and do the same thing to another guy and a
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guy got nominated and he decided instead of doing something crazy online he wanted to do something good and started nominating others. and the trend has caught on. we talked to brent and his friend andrew ross who are also in on this trend and they challenged all of us. we went out and paid it forward and then we challenged our viewers. we got a tremendous response. you can see our facebook page just blew up. people telling us their stories about the awesome things that they have done. like this one here you can see this picture from one of our viewers named brian simmons, he bought all kinds of stuff and he's looking for someone to give it to. and we got a video from one of our fantastic viewers in bloomington, indiana, her name is terry hughes, she went out in freezing cold bloomington, indiana temperatures and paid it forward. look what she did. >> i am here at our local walmart, i'm sure there's somebody in here tonight that could use some help. this will be on my debit card.
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i want to pay it forward and bless you. >> i'll give you a hug. >> i will, too. god bless you. >> god bless you. >> never had anything happen like that before. >> oh. >> you can see how grateful this couple is. we also got this video from one of our viewers in lynwood, california. >> i see a lady sleeping under this tree every time i work over here and i'm going to give her a couple of dollars to give her a breakfast. it ain't that much, just five bucks, but some people won't even do that. >> i'm so, so proud of all of our viewers for accepting the challenge and doing really great things out there in our world. i think most of us would consider the swedish to be very nice, kind, law-abiding citizens. let me show you this video of at least one swede who's intentionally trying to irritate swedish police. he's driving his mercedes-benz high-powered v-8 vehicle and
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pulls into this gas station and up ahead you see what looks like a police car. he stops and does this. >> what? >> pretty much is going, like, to the cop. and then takes off. and the rest of this video is of this mercedes running from the cops. apparently this is a clip from a movie called "highway two." it's a documentary. this guy actually does this kind of stuff. it's reality here. here's the cop going down the highway as the mercedes just blasts by him. >> this is so dangerous to all of the other people on the road. so dangerous for this cop. dangerous for this driver. i'm not going to watch this documentary. this is rude. this guy being kind to a police officer. he was stuck in the snow. got his charger, a rear-wheel drive car. stranded there. this guy in his subaru an all-wheel drive car.
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the subaru not making much of a move. all four wheels digging in there. not yet. not yet. gives another little tug. >> keep on. keep on. you can do it. >> the subaru backs up and gets a little more slack in the line and -- >> you pull a cop out of the snow, after you're done, do you know say, do you know what, i got a speeding ticket, like, a year ago. >> love to think that that happens bui don't think it haens. the latest dance craze to hit the web. see the freaky moves next. and we have another ipad mini to give away. all you need for your chance to win is the friday buzzword.
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husband in the act? >> yeah! >> that happened in muncie, indiana. >> is he doing the electric fly? >> he's doing what's now being called the shovel shuffle. this is mitch isaac. as you can see he was out in the snow and trying to kind of shovel out their deck. >> yeah. >> their porch. their front stoop. >> earphones in. >> he admits he was listening to 50 cent "21 questions." >> ah. ♪ >> shoveling snow is a miserable job especially when it's cold and you got to get up early so good for mitch for trying to have a little bit of fun while doing it. and it looks like ole mitch was taking advantage of the slick is your fails out there on the deck because he was, like, doing some slide moves. ♪ >> the wife behind the camera, she is loving it.
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the folks at rtv-6 in indianapolis actually spoke to mitch. >> i was just grooving, you know, i mean it was a big job and i wanted to have a little bit of fun while i was doing it. >> the great thing about this video just like aaron simpson's video mitch figures out that he's being watched. >> i'm in it and i'm in the groove and you get that sense, like, somebody's watching you kind of, like, weird feeling, right? and that's when i poped up. >> and the video ends as soon as he goes, ah, man. we have dancing with the fingers. >> yeah. >> not quite like that. >> dancing with the peanut has been done. this is legs hutton performed by lil craze, he's in canada. what he does looks like everything is disjointed. >> yeah. >> boy, this guy has to do some kind of yoga or pilates or something because he is limber. >> he is actually a professional
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dancer that's why he's so good. >> cirque du soleil your newest cast member right here. >> it's really cool that he's wearing a black shirt set against a black background because you don't see anything but his legs and arms and face. >> it looks like they are moving by himself, flying hands and legs. >> oh, my gosh. >> that chin is even with his knee! >> and it looks like it's moving together, that a crazy. >> whoa. >> that's crazy. that's, like, if you sat in something and you wanted to see if it was, like, on your butt instead of going like this to checket out, you could just do that. that's crazy. >> a very useful skill there, steven. >> a big mustard stain on the back of my shorts. i did. i did sit on that hot dog. >> check it out. get ready, everybody, because it's time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> let's do it. you got to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident and you have to have friday's buzzword. >> you enter on our facebook page but if you are using a mobile known or tablet go to the
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first post and tap on the mobile link. >> time to reveal the buzzword for friday. it is panda. >> get on over to and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> and then enter the friday buzzword panda that's p-a-n-d-a for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, everybody. a girl gets off a plane and is led on a path -- >> encountering not one, not two, not three, six guitar players. >> the story behind the songs that pulled at her heartstrings
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i don't know that anybody could have predicted when go pro was created that their videos could be worth thousands of dollars. this video from jamie o'brien. he's out in wahoo off of north shore. this video being submitted for the go pro of the winter powered by surf line. basically these guys get out there, ride the best wave they can find. yeah, look at that right through
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that barrel. beautiful the water breaking right over his head. >> wow, that's perfect. >> with the sun in the background and he could pause that blow that image up. >> hang it above your fireplace. >> you could be a judge in this contest because those are some of the things judges look for when judging the videos. jamie and other contestants could win $20,000 -- >> wow. >> -- for the best go pro of the winter video. >> that's amazing. the cool thing about this one i really like, he's holding it, it's not connected to his surfboard which only gives you one perspective, which is really, really cool. ♪ napping with teddy. ♪ well, heads-up to all the fellas out there thinking about popping the question. the bar has been raised. here we are at an airport and
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off the escalator you're going to see the lovely malia. here at l.a.x. after visiting her parents. but when she gets off the elevator she encounters this guitar player. ♪ this is not her boyfriend. no, no, no, no, no, no. but keep watching. he plays a little bit of a song. and points and this way and encounters another guitar player and points again. here she is on this path encountering not one, not two, not three, six guitar players. all of these are buds of her longtime boyfriend, they've been together four years and 3 1/2 years of that they were doing long distance stuff. each of these guitar players all playing a different part of a song that austin has written for malia. where is he? here he comes. ♪
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i mean, you can't write this stuff. it's perfect. eventually gets down on one knee and you know what's coming. ♪ she said yes >> awesome stuff. we've got austin and malia joining us "right this minute" from monrovia, california, congratulations, congratulations. >> thanks, guys. >> malia, did you know what the heck was going on when you got off escalator? >> i had no idea and it was funny to see our friend ian there and i heard the song and i saw a couple friends filming and i thought, oh, my gosh. >> when you got to the second guitarist, did you start to figure it out. >> once i realized what was happening each new person i was expecting it to be him and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger. >> austin, why did you choose l.a.x.? it's not the most romantic setting. >> no, it's because we've been long distance for so long, we've
9:58 am
spent a lot of times in airports. it's a very significant place for our relationship. >> because we know you have skills as a songwriter, we're wondering if you could sing one of your songs to your lovely bride-to-be. >> oh, my gosh. i got my guitar. hold on. >> perfect. ♪ hey malia you got back to l.a.x. i hope you slept safe and got some rest let me take you tonight ♪ ♪ i promise it will be all right ♪ >> yay! >> all right. that's it for "rtm," we'll see you next time.
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announcer: live in new york city, "wendy williams." today, jennifer aniston has surprising kissing rules and wendy has the details. plus, wendy weighs in on this week's most controversial things. all the latest "hot topics." now, here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yeah.


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